Kaiju Mobile Slot Machine

Kaiju SlotLet us set the scene: the world you live in is futuristic and technologically-advanced. Humans are living on an artificial and highly developed island in the Pacific Ocean; they and technology are both thriving. However this has come at a cost, for the rest of the planet is almost completely destroyed. Another species, the majestic Kaiju, are strong and fierce; they naturally become frustrated and aggressive with the humans causing such destruction to the planet. Mankind’s only hope is with HA-42, a female cyborg and the ultimate weapon; she hunts Kaiju and can return the creatures to a peaceful state of hibernation. By playing movie-like Kaiju online and mobile slot, you can help HA-42 in the battle for humanity.

Now morally we are not sure which side we should take, but luckily for us all this is just a game, albeit a very convincing, blockbuster movie-style one! So, for now, we’ll stick with the HA-42 and get fighting off those Kaiju.

Kaiju begins with a dramatic movie intro; it doesn’t fully explain the story but you get the picture. Kind of. The slot game is developed by ELK Studios and is of course, utterly futuristic with wonderfully superior visuals. There are 5 reels and 3 rows, but reels can expand upwards in this innovative game, giving up to 6 rows in total. There are up to 7,776 pay lines too. In addition to the many ways to win, Kaiju boasts some impressive special features and a bonus game.

Special Features

The red, blue and green crystals are the highest value symbols on the reels, followed by the coloured (what appear to be) cash cards. The scatter symbol is the female cyborg HA-42; she appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 only.

To generate a wild symbol in this game, you must land three vertically connected one of a kind symbols from bottom to top; this generates a wild on the row above and expands the reels upwards.

Bonus Features

Landing 3 HA-42 scatter symbols with trigger the main feature in the game: the Kaiju Battle Bonus. This begins with 7 free spins but every time you get a reel expansion, an extra free spin is added to your collection. A random Kaiju appears with a unique pattern of hot spots. All Kaiju have their own hot spot pattern of 5 symbols on rows 4, 5 and 6. To defeat a Kaiju, these hot spots need to be activated by vertical lasers. Vertical lasers are generated by a connecting line of identical symbols from bottom to top.

When a vertical laser activates a hot spot, the symbols in the triggering vertical combination will turn in wilds. The last hot spot to be activated will result in the triggering vertical combination turning into sticky wilds that will remain until the end of the bonus game.

Betting Strategies

Kaiju also offers betting strategies that experienced punters will have come across before. You can use Optimiser, Leveller, Booster or Jumper. Optimiser will bet a % of your balance for you and change automatically in correlation with your balance. Leveller will raise your bet after losing 5 consecutive times, while Booster will raise your stake following a loss. Jumper will raise your stake following a win.


We were taken aback by Kaiju; it is intense, graphically brilliant and in terms of gameplay, relatively complex. A superb online and mobile slot for the seasoned slot player but probably not a sensible first choice for players new to the industry or those who warm to a simpler game. Once the Kaiju concept is understood, however, this innovative game proves thoroughly enjoyable and is certainly a cut above the rest.