Marvel Themed SlotsIf you’re a fan of the likes of Spiderman, The Avengers and X-Men, then you’re sure to love new Marvel-themed slots.

These are games which sport graphics and characters from the comic books and films you know and love, as well as some very innovative and rewarding bonus features.

Superhero themed slots appeal to a wide range of online gamers as they allow us to escape the humdrum of reality, if for only a short period of time.

They transport us to a world where good and evil is black and white, and where masked vigilantes can save the day.

A History of New Marvel Themed Slots

Back in 2005, Cryptologic were the first online slots software developer to created Marvel branded games. However, in 2010, Playtech also released a series of Marvel-themed slots and soon became the sole licensed producer.

In 2007, Marvel was bought out by Disney and the film-giant decided that online slots didn’t fit in with their family orientated brand. This meant that, sadly, in 2017 all Marvel slots were pulled from online casinos.

You can, however, still find new Marvel-themed slots at some play-for-free casino sites. This allows you to experience the game in full, but you won’t be able to wager real money.

What to Expect from New Marvel Themed Slots

The newest Marvel themed slots came complete with blockbuster graphics and a wide range of bonus features, including:

  • Wild Symbols
  • Free Spins
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Multipliers


Attack of the Green Goblin slot

This Playtech developed slot is one of the Marvel Progressive Jackpot slots. It features four progressives in total for you to win, and is based on the superhero, Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin offers a basic 5-reel, 25-line setup, with players able to place bets worth as little as 25p a spin, or as much as £125 per spin.

Special features

There are many special features in this game. First, let’s discuss the wild. It can replace all other icons, and is the best paying symbol in the slot – save for the progressives.

At any point in the game, Spider-Man may fly across the reels, distributing wilds. He may also hang down the reels and get snapped, offering cash prizes to you.

The main bonus games are all triggered by landing Spider-Man on the first, third and fifth reels. When this happens, the Spider-Man Collection is triggered. Players can stop a scrolling counter, to end up on a comic book. Which comic book you pick determines the bonus round you get, and there are many. Some include a fight with the Green Goblin, a chase through the city, a Hot Zone free spins bonus, a rivalling free games bonus, and a radioactive free spins bonus. Each bonus is quite different, but all are amongst the best bonus rounds Playtech has ever developed.

Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are randomly triggered in this slot. After any spin, the player may be taken to a screen, where they can select from various hidden symbols. If they match 3 of the Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power progressive symbols, they will win whatever jackpot those symbols correlate to. Sometimes, the top progressive can be worth as much as several hundred thousand pounds.


Playtech has developed many of these slots, all running on the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network. This one certainly happens to be the best of the lot, though. It has a wealth of special bonuses, and great pay-outs, all accessible with cheap enough bets.

The Punisher

the punisher slot

The Punisher is not one of Playtech’s most memorable, or even well-known video slot machine games. All the same, it is still one of their Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot Network games, which means it can offer you hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of prizes.

The Punisher offers 5 reels of gaming, upon which sit a cool and standard 20 lines. Paylines, coin values, and the number of coins you wager can all be adjusted. At its cheapest, you’re looking at just 0.01 per spin stakes. If you wish to wager more, maximum bets shouldn’t exceed 100.00 a pop.

Special features

Frank Castle (The Punisher) is the wild symbol in this slot. As a wild, it can substitute itself for any other icon on a payline to help you win. Wilds symbols appear stacked in this slot, which can further boost your chances of success.

In order to win the progressive jackpot, players have to do nothing but spin. The four jackpots are randomly triggered. At any point in the game, players may be taken to a screen where they can choose hidden jackpot icons. Match 3 identical symbols and you will win one of the progressive jackpots. Generally speaking, the more you wager, the better your chances of landing one of the considerably larger progressive jackpots.

The Punisher logo is a scatter symbol. If you manage to locate 2, 3, 4 or 5 of them anywhere on the screen, then you will pocket scattered wins worth 1x, 5x, 50x, or 250x your total bet.

Free spins bonus

A free spins bonus is also present in the game. This is won with scatters. The skull is the scatter icon, and if you land 3 or more such symbols on the reels, you will pocket a free spins bonus game. The bonus consists of 5 free games, with all winnings doubled in the bonus round.


The Punisher is not as entertaining, either graphically, or from a special features perspective, as those other big, popular Playtech progressive jackpots. It is still enjoyable, and it is cheap, though, which might matter more than its graphics to players on a budget.

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The Avengers mobile slot

The Avengers is another one of Playtech’s Marvel Progressive Jackpot slot machine games. The game is based on the Marvel’s Avengers comic book series, and features some images from their franchise of movies.

A total of five reels and twenty lines can be wagered on in this slot, with coin values stemming from 1 pence up to £25. Lines are non-adjustable which will see players able to bet anything from a floor of 20p up to a ceiling of £500 per spin.

Special features

The Shield symbol acts as a wild in The Avengers, and it can replace all other symbols in the game, barring the scatter symbol.

The Avengers’ scatter icon is the game’s title logo. When it appears 3, 4, or 5 times anywhere on the reels, it will offer scattered wins of 3x, 10x or 100x your total bet, as well as trigger a Wall of Heroes bonus.

In that bonus, players can match 3 of any Avenger icon, to trigger either the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America free spin bonuses. Each bonus offers its own treats, from extra and special wilds to multipliers.

The slot also features an Avengers Assemble bonus, which is a 200x line bet cash prize when The Avengers each appear in a specific combination upon the reels.

The Marvel Mystery Progressive Bonus

At any point in the base game, the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive bonus round can be triggered at random. When it is, players will be taken a separate screen where they can select from several hidden boxes. Behind each box is a progressive jackpot icon. Once a player has matched three of either the Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power symbols, they will win that respective jackpot.


There is a lot to win in this slot, just like there is any Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network game. Wagers are fair in this game, and the special features are pretty decent. If you love The Avengers and progressive jackpot slots, then this title is well worth a look.

Wolverine Slot

Wolverine by Playtech is a new Marvel Series slot game based on the classic comic superhero. This impressive video slot has 5 reels and 25 win lines, extraordinarily crisp graphics, super cool sound effects and excellent bonus features.

Wolverine mobile slot

Wolverine slot contain more symbols than most, and that’s because it has more going on than most in terms of bonuses and free games. Firstly, there are the playing card symbols Ace to 9 which are the lower paying symbols. You’ll also notice symbols of Wolverine’s dog tags, mutant DNA, his super sharp claws and Wolverine himself – these make up the higher paying symbols. Then there is the title ‘Wolverine’, which is the scatter symbol which will award you a win no matter where it appears (at least 3 times on the reels).

One of the most exciting symbols is Berserker Rage. If this lands anywhere on reel 5, a re-spin will occur. If Berserker Rage lands at the bottom of the reel, Wolverine will turn up and transform 2 random reels into stacked wilds. If it lands in the middle, Wolverine will distribute either 3, 4 or 5 random wilds anywhere, and if it lands at the top, he will distribute 2, 3 or 4 wilds horizontally from left to right on the adjacent reels. As you can imagine, this often enables you to win a substantial amount.

marvel playtechAnother great symbol is the Adamantium syringe. Land 3 of these anywhere and the Adamantium free games will be triggered. This is my favourite part of Wolverine slots. The free game displays a tank of Adamantium to the left hand side of the reel, and you can use this Adamantium to inject into any Wolverine wilds that have landed, and this will freeze them in place for the next spin. The tank level decreases by -1 for each injection, however if you land any further Adamantium syringes, your tank will fill up by +1 for each, so it is in fact possible to keep freezing your wilds over and over, and ultimately win big, if you’re lucky enough.

Other symbols include the wild which is recognisable as Wolverine in his full attire and adopting a fighting pose. There are three types: a single wild, a wild stacked on two positions and a wild stacked on three positions across the rows. These substitute for all symbols except scatter, Berserker Rage and Adamantium.

Wolverine slot is also linked to one of Marvel’s four mystery progressive jackpot, and the higher the bet, the more chance you have of being entered.

This is an excellent game which is very tough to fault. The graphics, animations and sound effects are impeccable, the concept is brilliant and there’s so much that could happen that it is hard to tire of this game. Playtech have created a winner with this Marvel Series slot.

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Iron Man 2 Slot

Iron Man 2 slot

Iron Man 2 is the second of three red hot Iron Man themed video slots. It is one of Playtech’s Marvel Progressive Network video slots, so it contains those four famous progressive jackpots to be won. Iron Man 2 is played over 5 reels and 25 lines, although a 50 line version is available.

The slot features coin sizes which range from 1p up to £1, and players can stake up to 10 of these per line. Floor and ceiling bets in Iron Man 2 are going to range from a low of 25p per spin (since you cannot adjust the number of lines you play with), up to £250 per spin. This slot is memorable for its use of stacked icons throughout the game.

The Justice League symbol is this slot’s wild icon. It can replace all others in the game, barring the scatter icon. It can also offer decent wins.

The Iron Man 2 symbol acts as the scatter icon in this slot. When it appears 2, 3, 4 or 5 times in any position on the reels, the player will land 1x, 3x, 10x or 100x their total bet winnings. They will also trigger a free spins bonus for 3 or more scatters.

In the free spins bonus, players will get 10 free games. In the centre of the screen is a frozen wild, which will be there throughout the bonus. After every 2 spins, the player will pocket an increasing multiplier to add to their winnings.

The four progressive jackpots (Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power) are all won in the progressive jackpot bonus round. This is triggered randomly, and requires players to pick from a series of images to locate 3 matching progressive jackpot icons. They will reveal which jackpot has been won.

Iron Man 2 slot is a vast improvement on Iron Man (although the original slot was a decent effort itself). Many claim it is better than the third slot in this series, and we’d have to concur. For a breath of fresh air, Iron Man 2 is still the slot to play.

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Incredible Hulk Slot

The Incredible Hulk mobile slot

 Playtech has developed many Marvel themed progressive jackpot network slots, and The Incredible Hulk was one of their first. This top notch slot can be played in either 25-line or 50-line versions, each played over a total of 5 reels. The Incredible Hulk offers players the ability to choose coin values of 1p up to £1, with up to 20 of them able to be wagered per each adjustable payline. Minimum and maximum wagers in The Incredible Hulk range from 1p per line, per spin, up to £250 per spin. Naturally, in the 50-line slot, that is extended to £500 a spin.

The Hulk himself appears as this slot’s wild icon. The wild can only appear on the second, third and fourth reels and can replace all other icons, save for scatters and bonus symbols. If the wild icon appears in the centre of the third reel, it will expand. It will also do this if it appears on the second, third and fourth reels at the same time.

The Incredible Hulk logo is the scatter icon in this game, and it can offer scattered wins and 10 free spins, with all winnings in that bonus offered 3x multipliers, when 3 or more scatters appear in any position on the reels.

The Smash Bonus on the other hand, is triggered when the Smash Bonus icon appears on the first and fifth reels at the same time. This will see you able to smash cop cars and helicopters to win cash prizes in this game.

This slot contains four progressive jackpots, known as the Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power jackpots. They are won via a Marvel Jackpot bonus round, which can be triggered randomly at any point in the game.

The Incredible Hulk is a fun slot. It doesn’t seem to pay out as frequently as some of Playtech’s other top Marvel themed progressive jackpot games, though. Playtech have done a stellar job transforming one of the most loved Marvel superheroes into a much loved progressive jackpot slot.

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X-Men Slot

marvel xmenPlaytech’s X-Men slot is one of their Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot slot games. It is played over 5 reels, with the customary 25 lines present for you to bet on. X-Men features a host of your favourite heroes and villains, all of which will play an important part in the slot’s special features.

X-Men slot allows you to choose coin values of 0.01 up to 5.00, and to bet up to 10 coins per line. At its cheapest, the slot will cost you just 0.01 per line, per spin. At its most costly, it can see you bet as much as 1,250.00 per spin. Given that you can win hundreds of thousands of pounds in progressives, though, it is worth it.

x men mobile slot

There is a very plain wild icon in this game, and it can substitute itself for all other icons save for scatters. It appears as a blue box with “wild” written in it.

Scatter icons take the shape of the X-Men logo. Scattered wins of 1x, 5x, 25x, or 200x your total bet can be won for landing 2, 3, 4 or 5 such symbols in any positions on the screen. You’ll also trigger a Heroes vs. Villain’s bonus for landing 3 such icons.

If players can match up the hero symbols in any combination in an X across the screen, they will win an instant cash prize worth 5x their total bet.

In the Heroes vs. Villains Bonus, players will start off in Heroes Modes, giving them unlimited free spins. There are both hero and villain wilds in this feature. Should a villain wild appear on the third reel, then the game transfers over to Villains Mode, which offers just 8 free games. The idea is to get a hero on the third reel in Villains Mode, to return to Heroes Mode and unlimited spins.

Lest we forget that X-Men contains four randomly triggered progressive jackpots, some of which are worth countless sums of cash. This is very appealing. X-Men also has enough features to give it great playability, which is always necessary if a slot is to be successful.

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Fantastic Four Slot

fantasic for slot

The Fantastic Four slot is one of Playtech’s Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network slots, meaning that there are four progressives for you to win at random. It is based on the hit Marvel superheroes of the same name. The slot is standard in that it offers 5 reels and 20 paylines of gaming action, buts its wagers are flexible. Players can choose coin sizes of 1p up to £2 in this slot, and bet up to 10 of those per line.

Paylines can also be adjusted in the Fantastic Four slot, giving the game minimum and maximum wagers of 1p per line, per spin, and £200 per spin, respectively.

The 4 logo is the wild symbol in this game, and substitutes itself for all other icons, save for the scattered Earth icon. The wild is pretty standard in this video slot.

The scattered Earth symbol can trigger a free spins bonus with 4 fantastic features, when it appears 3 or more times in any positions on the reels. Players will start with 12 free games, and when they land a hero stacked on the third reel, it will trigger one of the four features. The Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing features offer expanding wilds, increasing multipliers, stacked icons, and frozen wilds, respectively. All features also gives the player 4 additional free spins.

At any point in the game, the progressive jackpot bonus may be triggered. When it is, players will be taken to a screen filled with different boxes. They must match three progressive jackpot symbols in order to win either their symbols respective Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power progressive jackpots.

Fantastic Four has some cracking special features if you are lucky enough to trigger the free spins game. You will also find the progressive jackpots well worth playing for, although the same can be said of any Marvel progressive jackpot network slot which Playtech has designed, since those four progressives are available to win and shared amongst all such slot machine games.

Thor Slot

thorThor is one of Playtech’s new Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot Network video slots, and it is based on the movie of the same name. Thor features a fairly standard 5-reel, and 30-line format, and wagering on this game is incredibly simple. Players can select line bets of 1p up to £20, and this will alter their total bet from 30p a pop, up to £600 a spin. This is largely because you cannot adjust the number of lines you play with in the slot. Thor carries four randomly triggered progressive jackpots, and players can win as much as 5,000 coins via a non-progressive prize, too.

Thor contains a Thunderstorm respin feature, and this can be activated when stacked Thor symbols appear on the second reel in the base game. It will offer frozen wilds during the respin. A Lighting free spin is issued if Thor lands stacked on the fourth reel of the game. During this spin, between 2 and 5 wilds will randomly appear on the reels.

Thor is also the slot’s wild, and it can replace all other symbols save for bonus, scatter, and villain icons. If a player lands 5 wilds on any active line, they will pocket that petite non-progressive prize we mentioned earlier.

The scatter icon in this game is Thor’s hammer, also known as Mjölnir. This symbol can offer you scattered wins worth 5x, 25x, or 100x your total bet if 3, 4 or 5 appear anywhere on the reels. Three or more scatters will trigger a free spins bonus. If in that bonus, players land the villain (gatekeeper) on the third reel, they will be taken to Earth or Jotunheim levels of the bonus (you start on Asgard. Each world offers you additional perks and privileges in your free spins bonus game.

Thor’s three free spin bonuses, and two re-spin features make this well worth a look. Playtech may be set to scrap their Marvel superhero themed slots in the future, but for the moment at least, the four progressives and all of those features make playing Thor an exciting prospect.

Daredevil Slot


Daredevil is one of Playtech’s older Marvel superhero themed progressive jackpot slots. That much you will be able to tell straight away by looking at its graphics. Running on the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network, it is able to offer you four amazing randomly triggered progressives.

Daredevil features 5 reels and 20 paylines, and allows players to choose coin sizes of 0.01 up to 5.00. You can bet as many as 10 coins per line, giving the slot a wagering range which varies from 0.01 per spin at its cheapest, up to 1,000.00 per spin at its most expensive.

Daredevil’s wild icon is capable of appearing on all of the reels of this slot. It can replace itself with any other icon needed by the player to complete a winning payline, save for scatters and bullseyes.

Before any spin, the player can select one of the spots on the reels to place a target over. During the spin, if you land the bullseye symbol on that target symbol spot, then you will pocket a win worth 3x your total bet. It’s not the most amazing feature ever, but it will provide you with another way to win cash.

Meanwhile, there is little you can do to win a progressive. The four progressives are awarded at random, and take you to a Marvel Mystery bonus, where you could land any one of the four prizes by matching up 3 identical progressive icons on a second screen.

Daredevil’s free spins bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more scatter icons anywhere on the reels. This will offer you a total of 10 free games. Random wild symbols grace the reels of this decent free spins bonus game, making it more fun to play.

Daredevil has its moments. The slot isn’t the best looking of the Marvel Progressive Jackpot Network slot machine games, but it does have a few nifty features. Unfortunately, this slot is not as commonly offered as the other, more recent, and more popular Playtech progressive jackpot slots which feature Marvel superheroes.