Win Your Share of £2,050 with Vera and John’s Eurovision Raffle

Vera John PromoIt’s that time of year yet again….time for a score hopefully a little better than ‘nil points’ anyway. Yes, it’s time for the cheesiest of song contests; the one and only Eurovision. It’s happening on Saturday 12th May and will be held in Portugal for the first time ever. How do you think your country will fare this year? Will it win the greatest song contest ever or fall a little flat with nil points? If you’re quite confident with your prediction, you can cast your vote at Vera and John Casino and win a huge cash prize if you are correct!

There is a £2,050 cash prize pool up for grabs in Vera and John’s Eurovision Song Contest Raffle. Put the right prediction on for your country this year, and win the top cash prize – it is that easy!

You must be an active Vera and John player to take part, but you can still sign up – there is plenty of time. You’ve then got until 9pm on Saturday 12th May; all you have to do is deposit and stake at least £50, then head over to the VJ Shop. Purchase the Douze Points or Nil Points bonus spins, and have your voice heard!

Enjoy an evening of Eurovision cheesiness and await the results. Once the final results are in, later in the evening of 12th May, every player who correctly voted will be entered automatically into the Eurovision Wins Raffle.

A total of 10 lucky winners will share the huge £2,050 cash prize, with the top winner taking home an enormous £1000 cash! Second and third prizes will be £500, with smaller cash prizes of £50 cash!

Will your country win or lose? More to the point; will you win or lose the prediction? If you think you’ve got what it takes, simply give your country’s entry a listen. Deposit and stake £50, purchase your bonus spins from the shop and put that prediction in place, all before 12th May.

You might love it, you might hate it; but Eurovision is undeniably the greatest song contest – why not make the most of it this year with your chance of winning a share of £2,050?

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