Sweet Alchemy Mobile Slot Machine

Sweet Alchemy Slot gameIf you’ve ever been a fan of Candy Crush and wondered what it would be like to combine the popular mobile game with an online slot, Sweet Alchemy is probably as close to that result as you could imagine. A 5×5 grid, Play N’ Go developed slot game, Sweet Alchemy is guaranteed to give you a sugar rush with sweets and candies donning the reels. Match the candies to create a win; winning clusters are then removed from the reels as new candy symbols fall down and fill the gaps.

You can win up to 3000x your bet playing Sweet Alchemy, with bets from 10p to £100. It is therefore a potentially very lucrative, but also highly volatile online slot. The game begins with an introductory demonstration; this you’re probably going to be grateful for as the whole concept can be a little daunting at first! However, it’s worth persisting and not as complex as it seems once you get the hang of it.

Special Features

The reels are filled with colourful sweets and candies which you will try to match during each spin. Every winning combination will add to the Sugar Rush Meter, which throws special wilds onto the reels the more you fill it. At the end of a spin (i.e. when there are no further wins), the Sugar Rush Meter resets.

Fill the meter with 6 symbols during a spin and 2 special wilds will be added to the reels. Fill the meter with 13 winning symbols and two Striped Wilds will occur; these will remove the entire row or column when they form part of a win. Get a win with 25 symbols and receive two Dotted Wilds; these will remove all occurrences of a random symbol when it forms part of a win.

Furthermore, if you collect 38 symbols during a spin, you’ll activate the bonus round feature. This might sound pretty difficult to achieve, but in reality the addition of all the special wilds helps greatly to collect the extra symbols, therefore the bonus round can trigger more frequently than you might expect.

Bonus Features

Sweet AlchemyUpon collecting 38 symbols within the Sugar Rush Meter, the Mix the Elixir Bonus Round is activated. This features 3 candy spells and the reel grid expands to a 9×9 layout. Every 3 winning symbols adds a Candy Spell to the free round, up to total of 7. The aim of the free round is to collect the required candies by creating winning clusters with them.

Candy the Alchemist will conjure up Candy Spells to help you win and collect the required symbols, and if you collect them all, you will trigger the Elixir of Power Bonus. This is quite a simple bonus game, whereby you click and reveal chocolate squares to match 3 elixirs and reveal your prize.

Additionally, Sweet Alchemy features a progress map which contains scattered treasure chests. Each time you complete the Elixir of Power Bonus you’ll progress by  one position on the map. If you reach a chest, the value within the chest is equal to 15% of your winnings from the main game (since the last time a chest was opened).


Play N’ Go have certainly packed a lot of sweetness into this online and mobile slot, and it may take a few goes to fully understand the concept. However, the end sugar rush is undoubtedly worth it as this volatile game can result in enormous wins. Plus, it’s super fun to play too.