Sky Vegas Road Trip

sky vegas road trip promotionWe have some fantastic news. The popular Sky Vegas Road Trip has returned for the end of summer! Make the most of the final weeks of sunshine (or rain, if you are located in most places in the UK) by taking this virtual trip across the USA, earning points by playing slots and grabbing some amazing prizes along the way. There are 8 must-see states to visit and enjoy Pit Stop rewards when you get there, as well as exclusive deposit offers too!

The Road Trip runs from Monday through to Sunday every week until 4th September, so join in and see how far you can get. Take a trip to Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, California, Las Vegas and last but absolutely not least, a top secret location. Can you find out what it is? Get moving, earn some points and see if you can reach the final level and reveal the mystery location!

So how do you embark on this exciting road trip? All you Sky Vegas members have to do is: play £1 on selected slots and instant win games, £5 on selected table games and £10 on selected card games to earn 1 point. (Most games are included but do check out the Excluded games list to be sure you are playing on an included game.) To progress through the Road Trip, keep playing and earn points, which will help you move to the next state and ultimately, up to a higher level.

So, for example, earn 20 points and you have arrived in Michigan. Earn 250 points and it’s time for a pit stop in Illinois! Points are accumulated weekly, so by Monday morning, all points will have reset to zero – therefore the aim is to try and travel as far as possible during the week.

Players will receive exciting Pit Stop bonuses for arriving in each state, a fabulous deposit bonus offers too – for instance, reach California and enjoy a 100% deposit match of up to £200, as well a £20 bonus! Free spins are also up for grabs, so there’s plenty to enjoy upon arrival at each state. Are you ready to get going, and could you be one of the first to arrive at the secret location? Only you can do it, so get your bags packed, your tank filled and get ready for the cruise, USA style.

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