Mobile RouletteRoulette is one of the oldest, and most popular, casino games. Dating all the way back to the 18th century, Roulette has managed to remain well-loved thanks to the fact that it combines quick and easy gameplay with multiple chances to win big.

What’s more, roulette is now more accessible than ever before. Whilst at one time you would have had to travel to your nearest casino to spin the wheel, mobile roulette allows you to play anywhere, and at any time, you want.

Learn More about Mobile Roulette

If you’re new to playing mobile roulette, then this page should help you get started. Continue reading to learn more about:

  • Which types of roulette can be played on mobile
  • Mobile roulette software providers
  • Where to play mobile roulette
  • How to play mobile roulette for free

What Types of Mobile Roulette Can You Play?

Roulette on MobileOne of the best things about playing casino games on mobile, or online, is that there’s a wide array of different types of games available.

As online and mobile sites aren’t confined by structural sizing issues (virtual roulette tables take up no physical space – duh), this means you have access to all sorts of different roulette games at once.

This means that you should always be able to find a mobile roulette game which suits your playing style and budget.

The Different Types of Mobile Roulette

At mobile casinos, there are two main types of roulette game:

  • Live Dealer Mobile Roulette
  • Video Roulette

Within these two categories there’s also a range of variants on the classic game, so read on to find out more about each type.

Live Dealer Mobile Roulette Games

Live Dealer RouletteLive dealer mobile roulette games are, as their name suggests, games which are played in real time, against a professional dealer. These games are labelled ‘live’ as they are streamed to your mobile device via video. So, at the other end of your phone, there is a real-life dealer spinning a physical roulette wheel.

Live dealer roulette is appealing as it provides an immersive experience, which is about as close as you can get to playing at a bricks-and-mortar casino.

Many mobile casinos now offer live dealer mobile roulette, which means you should be spoilt for choice when finding somewhere to play this type of game.

Video Roulette

Video RouletteVideo roulette is the most common type of mobile roulette you’ll come across. This is a game which is played against the computer, with an illustrated setting.

Video roulette is great for many players as it usually offers quick gameplay. This means you don’t need to commit a whole lot of time playing the game.

What’s more, video mobile roulette titles now come with exceptional 3D graphics and sound effects. This gives you a modern game, without compromising on the classic casino feel.

Mobile Roulette Variants

Within the two main categories of mobile roulette we’ve just mentioned, there are also multiple different mobile variants of the game. These are games in which the playing style has been changed, whether that’s to increase excitement or to increase the chances of winning big.

Below we’ve listed some of the most popular roulette variants which are available to play on mobile:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Royale Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette

The Best Mobile Roulette Software Providers

NetEnt and Microgaming LogosAs you will have learnt above, there are many different types of mobile roulette. Moreover, there are many different brands who produce mobile roulette games.

Playing a mobile roulette game which was developed by a trusted brand, means that you can rest assured the game is fair, licensed and will perform well.

Whether you prefer to play video mobile roulette or live dealer roulette, there will be a brand which offers games which suit your playing style. We’ve listed the very best mobile roulette developers below, so all you need to do is to find a casino which offers games by:

  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • IGT

Where Can You Play Mobile Roulette?

As we mentioned earlier, many mobile casinos now offer mobile roulette, so there’s actually a wealth of places where you can play it online. However, there are two things you should bear in mind at all times:

  • Is the game available in my country?
  • Will the game work well on my device?

Mobile Roulette in the UK

United Kingdom FlagFor UK players, the most important thing to consider when choosing a casino to play mobile roulette at is whether or not the site holds a United Kingdom Gambling Commission license.

The license means that the casino, and its games, have been approved by the Gambling Commission. So, if your site of choice doesn’t hold this license, then it’s unregulated and not legally offering casino services. This means it’s definitely best to avoid.

To check whether or not your casino has a UKGC license, simply located the UKGC logo on the casino’s homepage. If it’s legit, it should link to the license itself.

Mobile Roulette: Native Apps vs In-Browser

Android and Apple LogosMost modern smartphones and mobile devices should be able to handle playing mobile roulette. This is because the games are now created using HTML5, which automatically applies the best settings for your device.

However, to really ensure that you have a smooth mobile roulette experience, we’d highly recommending downloading a native casino app. This is an app which has been specifically designed for your smartphone’s operating system (Android or iOS).

A native mobile app means that you can reach your favourite mobile roulette games in just a quick few taps. It also can help eliminate lagging and help to load games faster.

Mobile Roulette Device Requirements

To play mobile roulette on your mobile, your device may need to meet some general requirements:

  • 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Flash player enabled
  • Enough memory to download the app

There may also be more specific device requirements (such as a certain version of the operating system or higher). These requirements will be listed alongside the app in the Apple App Store (for iOS users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users).

How to Play Mobile Roulette for Free

Roulette Wheel With MoneyOne of the biggest questions we are asked about mobile roulette is whether or not it’s possible to play the game for free. Well, you’ll be glad to know that the simple answer is yes!

Although this guide has focussed on mobile casino roulette, there are many mobile roulette apps which allow you to play for fun. What’s more, many casinos also offer the ability to play in ‘demo-mode’.

Mobile Roulette Casino Bonuses

Aside from free play mobile roulette games, you can also cash in on great casino bonuses in order to play for free.

Many mobile casinos reward players regularly, and so you may have some bonus cash from time to time to spend on your favourite mobile roulette games.

In order to access these bonuses, you simply need to be a member of a certain casino and have made an eligible deposit. You can learn more about the types of bonuses available to you by visiting your mobile roulette casino of choice’s promotions page.