Omaha PokerOne of the best things about playing mobile poker is that you can enjoy a wide variety of different games.

In contrast to land-based casinos and card rooms, these variants are available whenever and wherever you please, so you can try out as many different games as you like!

Omaha poker is one of the many different mobile poker games you can play. It is one of the most popular poker variations in the world, and so it’s available at many different mobile casinos.

Read on to learn all about Omaha poker, including:

  • How to play Omaha poker
  • The difference between Omaha poker and Texas Hold ‘Em poker
  • Variations of Omaha poker

How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is played in a slightly different way to classic, Texas Hold ‘Em poker. This means that it’s important to understand all the rules before playing.

The Rules

  1. Omaha Poker SetupIn Omaha poker, each player is dealt four cards, face down; this is the main difference in comparison to Texas Hold ‘Em, where you are dealt two cards
  2. Five community cards are then dealt
  3. Players must then choose two of their four cards, and are required to use them both to create the best hand possible

The Differences between Omaha Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em

If you are already familiar with the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em poker, then you may have already noticed some significant differences.

Essentially, Omaha poker is a trickier game than Texas Hold ‘Em. This is because, whilst in Texas Hold ‘Em players can use a combination of their hole cards, or choose to leave one of them out altogether, in Omaha poker you need to use both hole cards.

Below we’ve created an example so that you can see the difference:

  • The board is showing all clubs, and you are holding an Ace of clubs and a King of hearts
  • In Texas Hold ‘Em, you would have a flush
  • In Omaha poker, you would only be holding an Ace high hand, as you have to use the King of hearts too

Variations of Omaha Poker

Omaha Hi Lo LogoThere are three common variants of Omaha poker which you may come across at mobile casinos and cardrooms:

  • Omaha Hi – As the name suggests, in this version the highest five-card hand takes the pot
  • Omaha Hi/Low – In this version, the pot is split between the highest and the lowest hands
  • Fixed Limit – In Fixed Limit Omaha poker, the pot can only be raised a maximum of four times and the bet/raise must be equal to the size of the blinds