Blackjack SurrenderOne of the best things about playing mobile blackjack is that you have access to multiple different variants of the game.

As opposed to land-based casinos, mobile blackjack games providers have created a plethora of different blackjack games, so that each and every player can find something to suit their tastes and budgets.

Blackjack Surrender is one of these such variants. The game is usually quite difficult to find at bricks-and-mortar venues, but online and on mobile, you can enjoy this exciting game.

Read on to find out all about Blackjack Surrender including:

  • How to play Blackjack Surrender
  • What benefits it offers over classic mobile Blackjack
  • Where to play Blackjack Surrender

How to Play Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender Flag

Blackjack Surrender is a variant of blackjack which allows for the ‘surrender’ move. This means that means that instead of playing out the hand, the player can surrender and fold – losing only half of their bet.

In general, Blackjack Surrender is played in the same way as normal blackjack. The only difference is that there may be one of two options presented in the game:

  • Early Surrender – Surrender your hand after being dealt your two cards
  • Late Surrender – Surrender after the dealer has checked for Blackjack

Most online Blackjack Surrender games employ the late surrender rule and it is very rare that you will come across an early surrender game. With the late surrender rule, you may only surrender if the dealer does not have a natural blackjack.

Why Should You Play Blackjack Surrender?

The advantage of playing Blackjack Surrender is that it allows you to retain half of your original bet, rather than play a hopeless hand and lose everything. It’s easy to understand, therefore, why this variant of the game is popular.

Where to Play Blackjack Surrender?

Playtech LogoIf you’re looking to play Blackjack Surrender on mobile or desktop, then we’d recommend looking for a casino which offers Playtech games.

Playtech has produced one of the best blackjack surrender games and this can be played across all devices.