classic blackjackClassic blackjack is essentially the traditional version of blackjack played at casinos around the world. In most mobile casinos, the game is simply called “Blackjack”. It’s considered to be the basic version of this card game with a few extra options or side bets.

This makes classic blackjack one of the most popular mobile live casino games ever. With the exception of poker, it’s also the most popular card game to gamble on too.

Why Play Classic Blackjack?

Aside from the fact that it’s a long casino tradition to play blackjack, mobile gamblers simply enjoy it. It’s a game that’s easy to learn and to win on. It’s also fast-paced as long as other players aren’t lagging behind!

Mastering it is a whole different story, but winnings aren’t difficult to get unless you’re horrible at maths. You can play it alone on an RNG-based game or with other players and a live dealer.

Classic Blackjack Features

You won’t find any unique side bets or lots of extra options in classic blackjack. As a result, it’s the perfect version of the game if you’re new to it and want to learn it.

However, it still includes the major options and rules that seasoned blackjack players know very well:

  • Insurance
  • Pair Split
  • Double Bet

If you’re playing on a single-player game against the virtual dealer, the game will include one standard deck. This makes it easier to predict the upcoming cards, though the deck is shuffled after every round.

Classic Blackjack RTP

Mobile casino blackjack is one of the favourite titles of table games online because of its RTP. Different versions of it return more than 99% of all player bets.

This means that you can play blackjack fairly safely. You won’t lose all your money in a short time and there’s much less risk in comparison.

TL;DR – Classic blackjack is an easy game to pick up and one of the top casino games online.