Atlantic City Blackjack is an online single-player table game by Microgaming. It was named after the famous Atlantic City casino scene, which was once mighty.

Standard American blackjack rules apply here. It’s not a particularly dazzling game graphically speaking, but it has some great qualities. Namely, it gives the player total control over every aspect of the game.

As a result, Atlantic City Blackjack can be used as a great learning tool for newcomers to blackjack. Every move is clearly animated at a learning-appropriate pace, and there’s a button for every possible player action.

Let’s take a closer look.

Atlantic City: Game Rules

atlantic city insuranceYou can play this game for fun right on your browser, no download necessary. When opening the game, you’ll see a blackjack table in front of you. It’s 2D, with 5 rings for bets.

Like land-based blackjack tables, there are lines of writing to remind players of base rules:

  • “Insurance Pays 2:1” (proof that this is American blackjack)
  • “Dealer stands on Soft 17” (dealer won’t take hits if card values add up to 17)
  • “Atlantic City Blackjack pays 3:2”

Atlantic City: Order of Play

atlantic city blackjack splittingYou start by choosing your betting chips in the lower left of the screen. Click on the betting rings to fill however many of the rings you wish with chips.

Once all bets are placed, hit the “Deal” button in the bottom right corner. All seats will be dealt 2 cards, and the dealer’s two cards will be dealt to him too, the up-card face-up and the hole card face-down.

In the event of the dealer getting an Ace as his up-card, you’ll be able to place an insurance bet. Once the cards have been dealt and you’ve made insurance bets, you’ll find new action buttons in the bottom right corner:

  • Hit: deal yourself cards until you reach as close to 21 as you dare
  • Stand: don’t deal yourself any cards
  • Double down: get just 1 extra card and bet double
  • Split: this button will appear if you have a pair to split into 2 hands

You can choose one action per hand. This is the crucial moment for strategy. There is only this one round, and all hands are playing against the dealer.

At the end of the game, you can choose to “Rebet” (place the same bet on the same betting circles) or clear the table and start over.