three card baccaratThree Card Baccarat is a modern variation of the classic baccarat card game. It’s played at various casinos in real life and online as well, so it isn’t difficult to find one such table.

3 Card Baccarat sounds more complicated than its traditional or American versions, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s even simpler than the others, so you can learn to play it instantly.

How to Play Three Card Baccarat?

The game is played with just a single deck of 52 cards. It has many similarities to the classic version of the game and just a few differences.

Obviously, one of them is that everyone receives three cards instead of two. The cards values are like in classic baccarat and the total value of each hand is between zero and nine. If the sum of the cards is a two-digit number, the leftmost digit is always dropped.

The other most important differences are:

  • Any three face cards automatically win (unless both hands are the same, which results in a tie)
  • If tied, the hand with more face cards wins
  • If it’s still a tie, the standard bet is pushed
  • Additional bets are available (see payouts)

So, three card baccarat is a card game you must try if you enjoy the traditional baccarat. This one has additional options for bigger wins and new exciting rules thrown into the mix.

Three Card Baccarat Payouts

Speaking of the payouts, the house usually takes 3% of the player’s wins at online casinos. This is done to lower the high RTP somewhat. So, the payouts in this casino game usually are:

  • 1:1 on the standard bet
  • 25:1 on the tie bet
  • 8:1 on the exact value of the dealer’s hand bet (10 possible outcomes from zero to nine)
  • 96:1 on the dealer’s hand to have three face cards

Three Card Baccarat presents a much higher maximum win than the standard game. However, it’s also slightly riskier and has more betting options too.