Goonies Slot Review

Goonies is an excellent slot from Blueprint Gaming- a leading software developer

well-known for its consistency in supplying online slots with exciting gameplay and top-notch production value.

This slot game revolves around the iconic Steven Spielberg’s movie from the 80s titled, The Goonies.

So, it is little wonder that this slot goes by the name ‘Goonies.’ As a matter of fact, this slot looks and sounds pretty much like this 80s movie classic.

If you are passionate about playing slots based on movies, this is a great slot to try on for size. You are in for an experience of thrill and adventure when you play this slot, its been well received by casino sites globally.

The interesting part is that you can play Goonies for either real or free money.

The betting range for this slot is pocket-friendly. You can bet with a minimum of £0.10 and a maximum of £10. Goonies is a high volatility slot with a Return To Player(RTP) of 96%.

This video slot comes with 3 rows, 5 reels, and 20 different ways to win(paylines). It is an ideal slot for any newbie who craves a cheerful entry into the world of online gaming. It is also suitable for experienced players who want to explore more adventurous slots.

You can play this slot from the comfort of your home via your desktop, laptop, tablets, iOS, and Android devices.


As the name suggests, this slot draws its inspiration from the 1980s movie classical, The Goonies. For this reason, the theme of this slot is designed in such a way that depicts movie scenes perfectly without missing out on the little details.

This makes it fun for online players. The reels in this slot are engraved with images of characters from the movie.

Like the movie, the theme in this slot focuses on a group of kids hell-bent on preventing their community from imminent demolition.

On their quest to save their community, these kids discover an ancient Spanish treasure map. It ignites hope in them, as they believe it would lead them to One-eyed Willy’s lost treasures.

Finding this treasure was the only way they would save their homes from getting destroyed by the evil men. This storyline is what gives Goonies slot an adventurous feel.

You will get to experience popular sayings from some of the movie characters featured in this slot. Just like every other slot, reels are present in this Goonies slot.

At the back of the reels lies an original treasure map similar to the one shown in the original movie. This treasure map is spread out across a table with gold coins surrounding it. You will notice an excellent booby trap when playing this slot.


No doubt, the breathtaking graphics in this slot makes the gameplay more sensational. It will keep you rooted to your seat with your eyes glued to the screen.

Every time you take a spin, you will hear

the background soundtrack for this slot. Although it sounds a bit mysterious, it suits the slot and adds a bit of suspense to the gameplay. The uniqueness of the animation in this slot is worth applauding.


This slot has a perfect mix of traditional slot symbols and theme-related symbols. The traditional slot symbols like A, K, J, and Q serve as low-value symbols.

On the other hand, the theme-related symbols like the Jolly Roger flag, golden balance scales, pirate ships, treasure chests, and pirate skeleton(One-eyed Willy) represent the high-value symbols.

The highest paying high-value symbol in this slot is the Jolly Roger flag. This symbol rewards you with 50× your original stake whenever you land 5 matching symbols on one payline.

The medallion is this slots’ recognized wild symbol. It can substitute every symbol in this slot except the bonus scatter. Whenever you land at least 5 of these symbols, you receive 50× your original stake.

The scatter symbol in this slot is an image of one-eyed Willy, which has the inscription’ bonus.’

How To Win At Goonies Slot

To win at the Goonies slot, you need to land at least 5 matching wild symbols on a single payline.


The features in this slot will undoubtedly make your gaming experience spicier. These features include The Goonies Bonus Feature and The One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus feature.

The Goonies Bonus Feature: To trigger this feature, you need to land at least one

One-Eyed Willy symbol. Landing a One-Eyed Willy symbol gives you access to one of the 6 available modifiers.

The modifiers include the Sloth’s Win Spin feature, Mikey’s Hidden Treasure feature, Data’s Colossal Symbols feature, Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle feature, and Mouth’s Lucky Coins and One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost feature.

The One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Feature: You can trigger this feature by landing at least 3 One-Eyed Willy symbols. Once triggered, you instantly get access to certain features.

These features include the One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure feature, Inferno Free Spins feature, Goonies Go Wild Free Spins feature, Super Sloth Free Spins feature, Skeleton Organ Bonus feature, Free Bets and Fratelli’s Hideout Bonus feature.

Final Words

Goonies is an excellent slot that offers players an adventure like no other. You will find the gameplay in this slot intriguing.

If you want a fascinating and adventurous slot gaming experience, play Goonies.