mobile casino rouletteWhether you’re only just starting out gambling or you’re an experienced player who wants to look for novelty, you may have wondered what the best mobile iGaming software and apps are.

And understandably so! There’s so much choice in terms of apps and casinos these days. So how do you figure out which one to play at?

Well, there are several things to look at. Namely:

  • What’s available on your specific phone and its operating system
  • Which are the best providers
  • Whether you can play the games for fun & for real money
  • Whether the mobile casino has fair bonus terms and conditions

Each of these categories deserves to be picked apart a little more, so let’s take a look at how you should be choosing your mobile casino software and apps.

iGaming Software and Apps Per Phone OS

When we say “mobile casino”, we mean two different things:

  • Mobile apps that are available in your phone’s app store
  • Mobile sites that can be accessed via your phone’s web browser

Naturally, this means that your phone has to be a smartphone if you want to play the latest and best casino software and apps.

Almost all smartphones can comfortably access mobile casinos via web browser. But the type of mobile apps you’ll find will differ from app store to app store. Therefore, what you can play will depend on your OS.

Nowadays you can find casino games pretty much everywhere. You’ll be able to find slots and table games even on platforms like the Kindle, or tablets, or lesser-known phone brands like Blackberry.

But these aren’t where you’ll find the cream of the crop in terms of mobile casino software and apps. Let’s take a look at the top 3 operating systems that have a good choice of apps.

Android Casinos

android phoneAs one of the two most popular operating systems out there, Android is always a sure bet. Currently, it has the biggest and most populated app store out there.

It’s also very easy to download any web browser you like on Android phones and go on mobile casinos online. This means you can either download your games or play instantly!

If you have an account on an online casino that you usually access via your desktop, you can also access that same account on your Android via a web browser.

iPhone Casinos

iphone casino

This is the second most popular OS in the world and it’s not just about the collector value. iPhones and Apple products, in general, have brilliant graphics capacity and have very user-friendly interfaces.

Similarly to Androids, you’ll be able to play via apps or browser on these. Also, the Apple store has a very satisfying selection of casino games to pick from.

Windows Casinos

windows phone casinoWhile it’s easier to find free-to-play games on Windows phones than it is to find real money games, providers haven’t forgotten Windows users.

Graphically speaking these might not support the sort of graphically heavy apps you could run on the previous two. But you can still play a quick game of poker or blackjack on the go regardless.

Play for Fun & For Real Money

The best mobile casino software and apps are, of course, different for every player. That’s because every player is going to want something different from their casino experience.

Some gamblers prefer playing for fun and being able to discover as many great colourful games as possible. These players should look for free mobile casino games and apps, or at least casinos that offer demo versions of their games.

Other players gamble for the more obvious reason for wanting to earn money. And while you might not initially feel comfortable with the idea of gambling via phone – don’t fret, phone gambling is quite safe!

In fact, playing on the go via mobile is increasingly popular. With more and more phone gamblers and pay by phone methods available, it’s only natural that security measures are taken very seriously.

Game Providers & Games

red tiger gaming logoIf you like a certain type of game, then you might want to look up certain providers that create precisely what you’re looking for.

For instance, if you want to go for modern, visually stunning and innovative slots, then looking for Red Tiger Gaming mobile games might be a great start.

Or if you want state-of-the-art live dealer games, then look for mobile casinos that host Evolution Gaming titles!

In any case, you’ll be able to find top-notch mobile versions of every single casino and betting game under the sun. So there’s a lot to choose from.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

The best mobile casino app should not only have lots of bonuses to offer players. It should also have bonus terms that allow players to cash out their earnings fairly quickly and without too many catches.

You’ll want to look at wagering requirements, withdrawal caps, and maximum bonus earnings too. If your ideal mobile casino experience involves earning steady winnings, then this is a vital step.