mobile deposit methodIf you’re a mobile gambler, then you’re probably already quite familiar with how pragmatic it is to be able to play on the go.

Of course, however many activities and apps we use on our phones, a lot of us are still uneasy with the idea of banking via mobile.

Indeed, a lot of people are used to taking care of banking purely via their computers.

This is because we all know how secure banking websites are. Not to mention, there are currently more tools to enforce security on our computers than there are on mobiles.

Yet, you’ll find that banking apps and mobile deposit methods can be very reliable banking tools. Here are a couple of tools you can use if you’re curious about switching to mobile deposit methods.

Mobile Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer

mobile deposit method bank transferBank transfers may be what you’re most used to if you haven’t yet fiddled around with alternate forms of digitalized banking.

Bear in mind that not every casino permits users to deposit with bank transfers. Almost all will allow you to withdraw with them, but the accepted methods for depositing and withdrawals may differ.

To use bank transfers on your phone, you’ll have to provide the details of your bank account to the casino. This may be done upon signing up.

You may wish to download your bank’s app in order to view your balance at your own leisure. But this isn’t necessary. Usually, all you have to do is deposit funds in your casino account is to do it via your casino app, and then fulfil whatever verification process your bank asks you to conduct.

While extremely safe, bank transfers are possibly the longest mobile deposit method you can use. The transaction times are much higher than e-wallets or paying by phone bill.

Mobile Deposit Methods: E-Wallets

mobile deposit method e-walletE-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and even Bitcoin all have very functional phone apps that are specifically designed to make your life easier!

Whether you choose a casino-specific e-wallet or a more general one, their apps are always built to be as secure as possible. They usually use the same type of encryption as actual banks.

How to Deposit with an E-Wallet

It’s really quite simple. Once you’ve chosen which e-wallet you want to go for, you can choose to open your account via your phone or your computer.

You will usually have to deposit funds into your e-wallet, and therefore provide your bank or card details. The most secure way to do this would probably be via computer, on the e-wallet’s site.

Then, once you’ve got an account, simply follow these steps:

  • Deposit funds into your e-wallet app
  • Sign up to your chosen mobile casino
  • Access the banking section of your profile
  • Provide your e-wallet details (usually just an e-mail)
  • Make a deposit
  • Complete your e-wallet’s payment verification process
  • Play!

The great thing about e-wallets is that the only personal data you have to give your casino is an e-mail. This is great for security and privacy purposes.

However, there will always be the minor setback of the process being slightly longer than the pay by phone bill method. And, there may also be fees per transaction.

Mobile Deposit Methods: Pay by Phone

pay by phone trustlyPaying by phone is perhaps the fastest and simplest mobile deposit method you can use out of all three.

This method involves grouping all your casino deposits with your phone bill. You may choose a particular phone app like Boku to simplify the process.

Once in the banking section of your casino account, you’ll be able to choose the pay by phone option. After you’ve selected it, every deposit you make will be added to your phone bill at the end of the month.

That means you don’t have to wait for any transactions to be made, and you don’t have to provide any more details than your phone number!