Cozy Games Casinos

cozy-games-casino-logoCozy Games have been around for over a decade yet despite this, they’re still probably not the first casino games software developer which comes to mind. This is because they’re better known for their vast array of bingo sites.

That being said, Cozy Games do in fact have a roster of over 500 online and mobile casino games and over 4.5 million registered players worldwide. This means that even if Cozy Games aren’t yet on your radar, they probably should be!

Luckily for you, on this page, you can learn all about Cozy Games slots and casinos, including:

  • Top 5 Cozy Games Casinos
  • A history of the Cozy Games brand
  • What makes Cozy Games slots and casinos special
  • Where to find Cozy Games slots and casino games
  • How to play Cozy Games slots on mobile and tablet

Top 5 Cozy Games Casinos

1. → Aunty Acid Casino ?
2. → Grosvenor Casino ?
3. → Swag Bingo Casino ?
4. → SpinsVilla Casino ?
5. → Plush Bingo Casino ?

A Brief History of Cozy Games

Cozy Games was established in 2005, and since then they have delivered high-quality bingo and casino games to many of the UK’s most popular online gaming sites.

Currently, there are over 100 different casino brands which use Cozy Games’ software. The software developer is also fully licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which means that players can rest assured their games and casinos are fair and secure.

The Cozy Games Networks

The Cozy Games brand is split into three main networks. These are collections of casinos and sites which share the same jackpots, promotions and games rosters.

Live Bingo Network

Live Bingo Network Cozy GamesAs we mentioned earlier, Cozy Games are best known for their bingo sites and the Live Bingo Network is definitely the most popular network of sites which utilize the Cozy Games software.

Formed in 2009, the Live Bingo Network now includes over 60 different sites, including Plush Bingo, Booty Bingo and Comfy Bingo.

Best Bingo Network

Originally, Cozy Games developed two separate bingo networks; the Live Bingo Network and the Best Bingo Network. However, although these two sets of sites are separated by names, there’s actually not much difference between the two.

This means that players can expect a very similar experience whether they play via the Best Bingo Network or the Live Bingo Network.

Mobile Casino Network

The Mobile Casino Network marked Cozy Games’ fairly recent focus on online and mobile casinos. Launched in 2014, the network now boasts 19 different casino brands. These all offer different themes and designs, yet all boast the same selection of slots and games.

What Makes Cozy Games Slots and Casinos Special?

As we noted in the introduction, Cozy Games has a portfolio of over 500 different casino games and over 100 different brands use their software. This means that there’s definitely a Cozy Games game and casino for everyone!

Huge Variety of Themes

Like many bingo-focussed brands, Cozy Games started out by creating light-hearted slots. However, recently, the brand has diversified into more innovative and unique themed titles.

This means that the Cozy Games slots roster now includes branded slots, adventure slots and more. They also produce a wide range of table games, such as roulette, blackjack, keno and baccarat.

Rewarding Bonus Features

Many of Cozy Games’ slots and bingo games include fantastic bonus features. These may include wild symbols, added cash prizes and even mini-games. This not only makes Cozy Games’ games exciting but also very rewarding too.

No Deposit Bonuses

Cozy Games No Deposit BonusOne of the most interesting and defining features of Cozy Games’ casinos and bingo sites is that almost all of them come with a great no deposit bonus for new players.

This means that new players can try out the site completely free, explore the games and even, f they’re lucky enough, pocket some free cash prizes!

How to Play Cozy Games Slots on Mobile

All of Cozy Games’ slots, bingo sites and casinos are perfectly designed to run flawlessly across all devices. This means it’s incredibly easy to enjoy them on mobile.

To play at Cozy Game sites on your mobile, you simply need to load up your casino or bingo site of choice in your mobile browser. From there, the site will automatically apply the best settings for your operating system, whether that’s Android, IOS or Windows.

This means that you can expect the site to be quick to load and responsive at all times. Moreover, all of Cozy Games’ slots and casino games are ‘instant-play’, which means you don’t need to download any further apps or software.