How to Stay Safe at Mobile Casinos | BMJ Paper Recommends Mandatory Gambling Operator Tax

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The British Medical Journal has recommended that a mandatory tax should be imposed on gambling operators to fund gambling addiction treatment.

The author of the reports highlighted a lack of funding on gambling addiction treatment. Just 1.5m was spent on gambling addiction treatment funding in the UK last year.

In mind of gambling safety, we thought it would be a good time to highlight how players can stay safe at mobile casinos.

This comprehensive post provides you with all the safety information you need to know.

Play on a Secure Network

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You should always be aware of the type of network you are connected to, regardless of what you are doing online.

As we all know, mobile gambling is enjoyed in many places other than the home. If you are connected to a 4G network, it is generally considered safe.

However, if you are connected to an open Wi-Fi network, keep your wits about you. These types of networks don’t offer the same kind of security which you would have on 4G or home networks.

With an open network, it is very easy to monitor other people’s activities, which makes these networks ripe for hacking. There is a reason why gambling on unsecure networks is highly discouraged.

In short, do not gamble on unsecure networks. Furthermore, it is prudent to only gamble on those networks which offer security which you are 100% sure of.  

Play on a Reliable Connection

Also, please make sure that you are playing on a reliable connection that won’t suddenly crash. The very last thing you want to do is hit a huge win and have the connection crashing on you.

Needless to say, mobile casinos probably won’t be too sympathetic to your story in such circumstances.

Gamble in a Safe Spot

If you are gambling in public, keep a watchful eye of the people around you. It only takes a criminal to see your casino username and password to wreak havoc on your casino account and finances.

Similarly, if someone takes note of your payment details when you make a deposit, you could be in for a very unwelcomed surprise.

Just make sure when you gamble in public that you do so with nobody looking over your shoulder. Keep your eye out for any shifty individuals loitering around.

Log Out and Avoid Auto-Fill

Nowadays, we are a bit haphazard about whether we log out or not on websites. The auto-fill option is something which many of us take advantage of too.

However, at online casino sites, we recommend that you always log out and don’t use auto-fill options.

If you misplace your mobile somewhere, it could only take a criminal a few swipes to be in your casino account and doing all kinds of damage.

It might seem easier to just stay logged in, but the consequences could be disastrous if your phone gets into the wrong hands.

Read Reviews

Casino reviews such as the ones written here at MobileSlotSites should always be consulted.

Casino reviews will invariably point out if the casino has any safety or security concerns, or whether there have been any serious breaches of security at the casino.

Security Certificates

Security Message On Screen

The first thing you should always do when browsing an online casino site is look for security certificates on the casino homepage. Ordinarily, you will see the relevant logos at the bottom of the homepage.

Keep your eye out for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate seals, which are the standard for any online casino site.

These certificates mean that personal details and transactions are protected with encryption and, as a result, are beyond the reaches of hackers.

The Padlock

Look for that little padlock at the start of any casino site URL. This padlock indicates that the website is secure and the payment gateway is secure.

Make Full Use of the Registration Process

What do we mean by this? Make your account as safe as possible.

Pick a username and password which is both unique, and hard to crack. Capitals, numbers, special characters, make them unreadable to everyone but you.

Also, answer all the security questions to add a further layer of protection to your casino account.

It’s always a good idea to regularly change your password too in order to make your account more impenetrable.

Random Number Generators

Casino games are governed by random number generators. Essentially, random number generators ensure, at least in theory, that the game you play is random and completely fair.

Auditors such as TST and eCORGA conduct tests to ensure that games are genuinely fair. Online casinos should be audited regularly, and those that are will display certificate seals of approval as proof.

Again, these seals can usually be found at the bottom of the casino homepage. If you don’t see any such seals, this is a red flag.

Casino Licences

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A casino must hold a relevant licence to offer online casino services. If a casino doesn’t hold a relevant licence, they are engaging in illegal practice.

Different licences apply to different areas of the world. For example, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission licence permits an operator to offer online casino services in the UK.

Other common licences include the Alderney Gambling Commission licence, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission licence and the Malta Gaming Authority licence.

A licence is simply a must for any operator. If there is no sign of a licence, you should stay well away from the casino site. Simply put, there is nobody governing what this operator does in these situations, making it fertile ground for scamming and not paying out winnings.

Responsible Gambling

Anyone who keeps on top of the news will know that problem gambling is a serious issue in the UK.

Operators are under a moral, if not legal, obligation to encourage responsible gambling. One way they can do this is through having dedicated sections on the site related to problem gambling.

There should be clear information on how players can get help if they need to. Responsible casino sites will have seals at the bottom of the home page such as Be Gamble Aware, Gamble Aware and Gam Care.

Also, look for links to sites such as Gam Stop. These sites offer self-exclusion schemes to players who want to prohibit themselves from gambling.

If an operator has made a clear effort to emphasize responsible gambling and offer support to those with gambling problems, it is safe to say that it is a safe and reliable casino site.

Set Limits and Depositing Restrictions


Responsible gambling also comes in the form of setting limits and depositing restrictions. Such options are helpful for any casino player, not just those with gambling problems.

Ordinarily, an automatic restriction will be applied to both deposits and withdrawals when you register at a casino. Still, you can alter these restrictions to ensure that you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Also, if you were unlucky enough to have your account hacked, restrictions will mean that the hacker won’t be able to rob you of your entire bankroll.

Bonus Offers

Be very vigilant with bonus offers at online casinos. If any bonus comes attached with significant wagering requirements of say, 100x, this is not a good sign and it would be wise to stay away from such casinos.

On the other hand, if you see a bonus with incredibly lucrative offers such as 400% matched bonuses up to £500, this is also not a good sign. If a bonus looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Customer Service

Customer service is vitally important to any operation. Problems do happen at online casinos, so you need to be sure that a support team is at hand.

Look for the support options on the site. Usually there will be a dedicated section which details all the options available to you.

If there is no sign of customer service and support options, or the information is vague, this is not a safe casino to be playing at in all likelihood.

Safe Payment Methods

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Last but not least, ensure that there are safe payment methods available at the mobile casino and that you use these payment methods.

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are all reliable payment methods which are widely available.  

Cash Out Regularly

It is a good idea to regularly withdraw winnings. Whilst nothing should happen to the money in your account, it’s a good idea to have your winnings safely tucked away in your bank or e-wallet account.

How to Stay Safe at Mobile Casinos

So, with all that being said, here is a quick list to keep at hand to stay safe at mobile casinos.

  • Read reliable casino reviews
  • Play on a secure network
  • Play on a reliable connection
  • Gamble in a safe spot
  • Log out of the casino site and don’t store password
  • Regularly change your password
  • Set a unique and hard to crack username and password
  • Answer all registration security questions
  • Use a trusted payment method
  • Clear winnings regularly
  • Set relevant depositing and withdrawing limits

In terms of casino sites themselves, consider the following points:

  • Check for a relevant licence certificate
  • Check for a security certificate
  • Check for an RNG auditor certificate
  • Does the operator encourage responsible gambling?
  • Are the bonus offers fair?
  • Are there trusted payment methods available?
  • Is the support section clear and easily found?

If you take these points to heart, you can enjoy your mobile gambling in the safest possible way.