Top 5 Slots

Top 5 GraphicAs the online gaming industry continues to expand, so does the number of mobile slots and the number of ‘top 5 mobile slots’ lists.

Its natural. To cater to every player’s gaming style, budget and preferences, software providers must create games rosters which cover all bases. This means that they need to offer games which come complete a variety of themes, bonus features and other bells and whistles.

With thousands of online and mobile slots now available, however, it can be a little hard to know where to start. Luckily, there’s plenty of guidance around too.

Online slot and casino review sites much like this one have painstakingly picked apart hundreds of games. It’s all done so that you can know which are worth playing and which are not.

Types of Top 5 Mobile Slots Lists

The best thing about the fact that there are so many top 5 slots lists around is that it makes it very easy to find the perfect recommendations for you.

You can browse top 5 slots lists by gaming provider, theme, bonus features and many other categories.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular types of top 5 slots lists, and what you can expect from them.

Themed Top 5 Slots Lists

As their name suggests, these slots lists are sorted by theme. So, for example, you may come across a ‘Top 5 Animal Themed Slots’ list or a ‘Top 5 Branded Slots’ list.

These kinds of lists are useful for those players who are less interested in how the game plays and more interested in how it looks.

For instance, if you want a slot which feels like a one-armed bandit machine, a ‘Top 5 Retro Slots’ list would be perfect for you.

Software Developer Top 5 Mobile Slots Lists

new slot games providersIf you know that you love games created by a certain software developer, then these kinds of lists are great for you.

Many online slots review sites will sort their gaming reviews by which brand created the game. This means you can easily find a ‘Top 5 NetEnt Slots’ list, for example.

Bonus Feature Top 5 Slots Lists

Wild Slot SymbolIf you’ve already played a couple of online slots, then chances are you’ve already got a feel for what add-ons and bonus features you enjoy.

This means that you can browse bonus feature Top 5 slots lists to find new games. Lists such as ‘Top 5 Slots with Free Spins’ or ‘Top 5 Stacked Wild Slots’ will point you in the direction of more games which come with your favourite bonus rounds.

Variance/Volatility Top 5 Slots Lists

Risk and Reward DiceVariance or volatility refers to how risky a slot is. A low volatility slot will be less risky, frequent low rewards, whereas a high volatility slot will offer big payouts but not very often.

Depending on your budget size, you may wish to find slots which offer a certain variance/volatility.

This can help you manage your bankroll and play for longer. Variance top 5 mobile slots lists are, therefore, your friend as they can help you learn what to expect from different slots.