Roulette is played at casinos everywhere, including mobile casinos with table games. European roulette is the most popular type of the game, especially at UK mobile casinos.

It’s more popular than the American roulette too, although the two have few differences. In this article, we’ll tell you how these two games differ and why European roulette is simply better.

European Roulette on Mobile

Roulette is a fast-paced game and very easy to play on any mobile device. You simply have to place your bets on the betting table and then watch the roulette wheel spin.

European roulette wheel has 37 fields, including 18 red and black fields and a single green zero. Depending on the limits of each table, the bet sizes can vary from just a few pence to thousands of pounds.

European VS American Roulette

european roulette vs american rouletteEuropean roulette doesn’t differ much from the American variant if you’re familiar with it. The only difference is that American roulette has two zeros instead of one. This creates a few additional differences as a result:

  • European roulette has higher RTP
  • It also has no five number bet of American Roulette
  • Instead, European roulette has the “en prison” rule
  • The order of numbers on the wheel differs

Due to the fewer possible outcomes on the wheel, European roulette RTP is higher. It’s roughly 97.7% as opposed to 94.76% of American roulette.

The “en prison” rule makes it more lucrative too. It means that you can re-spin the wheel if you place a 1:1 bet and the ball lands on zero.

Why Play European Roulette?

The reason is plain and simple. European roulette is one of the most lucrative types of mobile roulette. That’s why it’s the most popular game type at mobile casinos and among roulette gamblers.

If you enjoy the classic roulette and want to win as much as possible, play European roulette. This way, the odds will be on your side.