blackjack super fun 21 logoIf you’re looking for a blackjack variation that doesn’t stray too far from standard blackjack rules, then Super Fun 21 might just be the game for you.

The main differences you’ll find in this game concern pay-outs, as well as certain blackjack features like doubling down and the rarer option of surrendering.

In this Blackjack Super Fun 21 guide, we’ll take you through what to expect from this game!

Blackjack Super Fun 21: Game Features

This is a single deck game of blackjack, meaning that you’ll be playing with 52 hands. This greatly affects odds, and what you can expect to get when taking hits.

All cards are played face up, which increases the speed of a game. This way, the game suits both players who want a quick couple of games, and players who want to cram as many games as possible in a small amount of time.

Now let’s look at the specifics of this blackjack variation’s rules.

Doubling Down & Splitting

In Blackjack Super Fun 21, players may double down once on 2 or more cards. You’ll be able to double your full wager even after splitting or taking hits.

The unique feature in this variation is that players can double down after hitting and splitting aces.

Indeed, you can split any pairs up to 3 times (provided you keep on getting pairs), making up to 4 hands. You may also receive as many hit cards on aces as you wish.

Surrender Option

In this variation, players can save half their bet even after hitting/splitting/doubling. This is quite a late moment in the game to be offered a surrender option, so it’s definitely quite interesting.

Especially in a game where it’s usually all or nothing!


blackjack super fun 21

Blackjack Superfun 21 payouts can encourage players to learn when to keep hitting, and to optimize their strategy. Indeed, you can get different payouts according to the number of cards you end up with.

  • 5+ cards totaling exactly 21: paid 2:1
  • 6+ cards totaling less than 21: paid 1:1
  • Player Blackjack: 1:1
  • Player Blackjack with Diamond suite: 2:1

It should also be noted that all player blackjacks are guaranteed winners, and win over dealer blackjacks!