free bet blackjackFree bet blackjack is a modified version of the standard blackjack game. It first surfaced in Vegas, but some mobile casinos took it up as well.

As you can imagine from its name, this version includes some free betting options. However, it doesn’t mean that you can play this form of blackjack for free. Only some special bets are meant in this case.

Free Bet Blackjack Features

The game is mostly the same as any other mobile blackjack. It only has a few tweaks in the rules that makes it somewhat different.

The main difference is the option to place free bets in situations where paid stakes would be normally necessary. These situations include:

  • Free doubling-down on hard 9, 10 or 11
  • Free splitting on pairs if it’s tens or fours

Does it sound like an amazing boost to the regular blackjack that increases its potential payout and RTP? It sure does! Is it actually the case, though? Hardly! Aside from the free bets, the option to surrender early is not available.

Free Bet Blackjack RTP

Since the removal of some options balances out the free bets, free bet blackjack isn’t more lucrative than any other. Of course, you may use the free bets to your advantage to increase your chances without risk.

However, to truly benefit from this type of game, you should enjoy splitting and doubling bets. You should also know how to use them to the best extent, otherwise, you won’t get an advantage.

In theory, this type of blackjack has an RTP ranging from 98.9% to 99.3% depending on the different software providers.

Why Play Free Bet Blackjack?

Free bet blackjack is simply a lot of fun as you can get opportunities to place bets for free. It’s like having a bonus on blackjack that you can use time and time again!

Free bet blackjack is a variation allowing to place bets for free in exchange for some other gameplay options.