chinese blackjackChinese Blackjack is a unique form of blackjack that originated outside of traditional casinos. It used to be a game that people played among themselves when celebrating the New Year.

Therefore, there was no single dealer in the game and the role would move from player to player each turn. Of course, the dealer is there when playing Chinese blackjack at mobile casinos, but most other rules remain unchanged.

Chinese Blackjack Gameplay

Chinese blackjack is a game that has the least to do with the classic blackjack compared to all other versions. You still got to get 21 without busting, but there are some very specific rules on top.

For example, player cards are dealt face-down and only visible to the player. The dealer can, however, reveal the players’ cards during his turns and compare them to their own.

Chinese Blackjack Card Values

Even if you know blackjack, one thing you’ll have to learn for this version is the card values. Most of them are the same as usual, but aces aren’t. More precisely, their value depends on the size of your hand:

  • With two cards, the ace is worth 10 or 11
  • With three cards, the ace is worth 1 or 10
  • With four or more cards, the ace is worth 1

Winning Hands at Chinese Blackjack

There are also some unique ways to win at the game. Not only does twenty-one count as a win but two aces do as well. Besides, they pay 3:1, making it more valuable than the standard blackjack.

If you’re dealt a pair, you immediately win 2x your stake as well. Collecting three sevens is also a winning hand that pays 21:1.

Finally, collecting five cards results in unique outcomes as well. If you bust, you have to pay double to the house. If you don’t bust, you win double your bet. If you get a blackjack, your win is tripled!

TL;DR – All these deviations from the standard rules make Chinese blackjack a great game for a change.