punto banco american

Punto Banco (American) is a popular version of the card game known as Baccarat in Europe. Of course, the latter is more widespread at online casinos. Yet, the American version can be found at every site that focuses on table games.

How does it differ from the classic Baccarat card game in Europe? How do you play it and is it more lucrative than other card games? Let’s find out.

How to Play Punto Banco (American)?

Punto Banco is played with eight decks of 52 cards. Just like the famous Baccarat, it involves the dealer and up to 12 players at a single table.

Gamblers are required to bet on the outcome of each turn. Each player and the dealer receives two cards. The hand with the highest value (either the dealer’s or the player’s) wins.

Thus, each player that has bet on that hand wins too. It’s also important to note that you can bet on the dealer’s hand as well. Plus, there’s a tie bet which pays 8:1 in comparison to the even payout on all other bets.

Punto Banco Card and Hand Values

You can receive additional cards depending on your starting hand value:

  • Hands of 8 or 9 are instant winners
  • Hands of 6 or 7 have to stand
  • Hands of 0 to 5 have to hit

Speaking of the card values, it’s very easy to learn them: 2-9 are worth their face value. Meanwhile, face cards and tens are worth zero points and ace is worth one point.

Additionally, the first digit of the number is dropped if a hand’s value exceeds 9. Hence, if you get a 6 and a 9, your hand’s value is 5 because 6+9=15 and the first digit is dropped.

Punto Banco RTP

Most Punto Banco games have an RTP of 98.8% to 99% depending on a few minor rule differences. This makes it a profitable casino game that’s easy to enjoy for hours!