Qiwi is an online banking method based in Russia and available in many other countries. You can use it to fund your gambling activities on mobiles and other devices.

While not as popular as other local e-wallets, Qiwi is used by many people. It’s a convenient system that everyone can benefit from, especially if they’re looking for alternatives to pay at casinos online.

Simply find one of Qiwi mobile casinos, register for a Qiwi card and get started!

UK’s Best Qiwi Casinos

1. → Casimpo Casino ?
2. → CasinoGB ?
3. → Blue Fox Casino ?
4. → Bright Star Casino ?
5. → Casino Big Apple ?

Qiwi Mobile Casino Payments

qiwi mobile casinosQiwi works as a virtual pre-paid Visa card. You can deposit your money there and then use this card at various online sites. Gamblers in Russia can even get a physical Qiwi Visa card for additional ways to pays. The card is accepted at ATMs and terminals or payment processors that accept other Visa cards.

There’s one disadvantage though, which might make other banking apps or services more appealing. Qiwi payments only go one way. You can use this virtual card to deposit at a casino, sure. However, withdrawals aren’t accepted, so you’ll need to find another way.

Qiwi Casino Depositing

By making your first casino deposit (or using the card at other sites), you’ll activate it. To start, you’ll have to register at the official Qiwi site. After that, you’ll get the necessary details to continue and make a deposit.

After the first deposit, all the information will be sent to your phone, including:

  • Your virtual Visa card details
  • Account information

Qiwi Casinos in the UK

Qiwi mobile casinos aren’t as widespread as Visa casinos. Still, there are dozens to choose from even in the UK. So, you’ll be able to pay with Qiwi and play mobile slots or live casino games just fine.

If you have a real bank card, however, you’ll find more options with it rather than just the Qiwi mobile service. It’s useful for players who don’t want to use bank cards, but there are a few good reasons otherwise.